We come alongside Christian leaders
to enrich their marriages and ministries
for the sake of God's Kingdom.​


We pastor leaders, missionaries, and pastors so that they experience fullness in Christ, have joy and strength in their marriage; and are empowered to fulfill their unique ministry calling, leading out of a place of health in their lives. We envision Christian leaders who effectively manage the challenges of life and the cost of following Christ as they lead out of a place of health and joy in their relationship with God and their spouse. We believe that with this kind of Christian leader God brings about transformation in believers, churches, and communities, making new disciples among the nations.


We desire to create a space where you can deeply experience our loving God, His Spirit’s transforming power, and His all sufficient grace to meet your current needs and hopes. We will treat you with compassion, honesty, integrity, and respect. This is a non-judgmental, grace-filled, safe place with complete privacy.


In a Christ-centered way, we will balance practical work on your specific goals and hopes, along with rest and disconnection from “normal” life distractions.


We will have opportunity for interaction and offer our non-intrusive availability. We will be open and honest in sharing our personal journey. As our priority, we will be present and attentive to you. At the same time, you have the solitude you need to breathe in God’s peace and presence.


We will create structure that is intentional and time-efficient, as well as freedom for time alone with God and with each other (if applicable). The schedule, however, is not set in stone and there is plenty of flexibility as we begin to process with you and listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

We are not clinical counselors trained to treat those suffering
from addictions or deep rooted problems.
Issues may arise that need professional counseling
and it may be recommended.

Mark and Pam Taft

In ministry since they married in 1985, Mark and Pam have experienced the isolation, pain and challenges often associated with leadership and years of multi-cultural ministry. Out of their own broken and healed marriage, they journey with others in their unique ministry style, even as they enjoy and continue to strengthen their own healthy relationship.

As a certified life and marriage coach, Mark has coached several hundred ministry leaders with a unique style that puts them at ease while bringing safety, discernment, and wisdom to difficult situations. It is his joy to pastor leaders. He believes in their capacity to grow strong marriages, families, and communities, and to make significant changes to sustain fruitful ministry over a lifetime.

Pam is passionate about shepherding people in their relationships with God, themselves, and others. She comes alongside women in ministry. As a sensitive and skilled marriage coach, she is an encourager and a good listener. Wives in ministry find her to be a “safe friend”. She enjoys opportunities to teach practical relationship skills in small groups and workshops.