We come alongside Christian leaders
to enrich their marriages and ministries
for the sake of God's Kingdom.

Our home, Bethesda House, is a beautiful haven for rest, encouragement and strengthening. We assist leaders in developing life-long fruitfulness in their marriages, personal lives, and respective ministries. We offer customized marriage retreats, biblically based coaching, debriefing, individual and team retreats, and relationship workshops. As full-time vocational missionaries with Life Impact Ministries (LI), we believe that in caring for, and investing in, Christian leaders of all cultures, God brings about transformation in people and communities around the world.


Whether you desire to strengthen and sustain a healthy marriage and ministry, or you are facing pain and challenges, we would love to come alongside of you.

"We invite you to break away from your
day-to-day responsibilities to deeply experience God
and the Hebrew meaning of Bethesda:
House of Grace"

John chapter 5 speaks of Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda, surrounded with hurting people. When an angel of the Lord touched the waters, the first person to enter in received healing. There are many ministry leaders today who wait, metaphorically speaking, for healing of broken and wounded lives.